PHASES-CT software is a GUI (Graphic User Interface) running on Windows operating system. It allows you to communicate with SmartDrive CT-30, SmartDrive CT-200 and SmartDrive CT-300.


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  • The PHASES-CT for SmartDrive-CT-30/200/300 is a component of the SMARTDRIVE TM hydrostatic transmission control system developed by POCLAIN HYDRAULICS.
  • Installed on a computer running a Windows OS and connected to a SD-CT-30/200/300 ECU (Electronic Control Unit) via its USB/CAN-bus adapter, the PHASES-CT software can be used to carry out configuration, optimization and maintenance operations for the SD-CT-30/200/300 hydrostatic transmission systems in the best possible ergonomic conditions.
  • In particular, it allows the user:
    • 1 - to update the embedded software loaded in the SD-CT-30/200/300 ECU via downloads,
    • 2 - to adjust and control the operating parameters of the SD-CT-30/200/300 ECU,
    • 3 - to calibrate and to check the functioning of the sensors connected to the SD-CT-30/200/300 ECU,
    • 4 - to diagnose the possible malfunctions of the hydrostatic transmission by displaying the logical error log memorized by the SD-CT-30/200/300 ECU.
  • Using the PHASES-CT application requires the previous acquisition of an operating license from POCLAIN HYDRAULICS. The validity of this license is monitored by a license file or a hardware key (dongle) which has to be connected to the USB port of the PC throughout using the PHASES-CT.
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