Poclain Hydraulics CR0452

New Poclain Hydraulics display CR0452 ready for rugged applications

The Poclain Hydraulics CR0452 display is compatible with various IEC applications depending on your platform.

To get the most out of your display, take full advantage of the SmartDrive™ range to display plenty of information on your dashboard without additional development.

Integrated into the Poclain Hydraulics SmartDrive™ system, installed in the cab & connected to the CAN-bus, you will save time & money with the information displayed.

Amazing Features

offroad page
Stay focused

One quick look to the screen keeps you updated on your hydraulic circuit’s key information.

offroad page
In Control

CR0452 displays all the Poclain Hydraulics Off-road system information you need to help maintain complete control of your machine and your circuit.

engine diagnostic
Become the master

The Poclain Hydraulics CR0452 display is able to read CAN J1939 information from the bus and display useful engine information including diagnostic (DM1).

Stay safe

All the SmartDrive Inputs / Outputs status & values display directly on the Poclain Hydraulics CR0452 display without any diagnostic case.

Don't worry

Many SmartDrive parameters can be set through the Poclain Hydraulics CR0452 display, avoiding the need for any diagnostic case connection.

Rest assured

The Poclain Hydraulics CR0452 is rugged enough to brave the most demanding off-road environment while giving you the added confidence of the highest security-level compliance.

Machine information

Stay focused

The Poclain Hydraulics CR0452 main screen displays the key information associated with your machine’s hydraulic system. A quick look keeps you informed of your system’s status while you focus on your job.

  • Accurate machine speed from hydraulic motors speed sensors,
  • Real engine speed read from CAN-J1939 bus,
  • Engaged hydraulic gear,
  • Hydraulic circuit temperature from analog temperature sensor,
  • Parking brake status for safety state,
  • Speed Limit / Cruise Control status & speed,
  • Hydraulic over-pressure / over-power status to inform the driver about danger,
  • Machine mode - work or road,
  • Machine operationnal & trip hours,
  • Battery errors - undervoltage or overvoltage,
  • Hydraulic system errors to inform the driver about status diagnostic-case free.

In control

The Poclain Hydraulics SmartDrive™ system offers an off-road platform able to prevent wheel slippage. With hydraulic wheel speed sensors, you can maintain control of your machine on any type of surface. It displays all the Poclain Hydraulics off-road system information you need.

  • Wheels speed from each speed sensors,
  • Anti-slip action to maintain machine system grip,
  • Machine front & rear steering correction read from steering sensors,
  • Machine operationnal & trip hours,
  • Battery errors - undervoltage, overvoltage,
  • Hydraulic system errors to inform the driver about status diagnostic-case free.

Become the master

The Poclain Hydraulics CR0452 is able to read & decode information from the engine CANJ1939 bus to display easy-to-understand information. No need to connect to engine manufacturer diagnostic cases.

  • Accurate engine speed from CAN J1939 bus,
  • Real time engine command from CAN J1939 bus,
  • Engine operationnal hours & number of engine revolutions,
  • Effective consuption & fuel economy from CAN J1939 bus,
  • Engine fuel, oil, cooler turbo temperature provided by the engine sensors,
  • Diagnostic Messages (DM1) to inform the driver about status diagnostic-case free.

Stay safe

The Poclain Hydraulics SmartDrive™ controller has many inputs / outputs in order to manage the full system. Connect machine sensors to report on real time, accurate information and monitor all these Inputs / Outputs for safety cases.

  • Digital inputs,
  • Analog inputs,
  • Frequency inputs,
  • Digital outputs status & current,
  • PWM outputs status & current,
  • Supply voltage.

Don't worry

Set parameters or change the units without a diagnostic case. The interface page is able to manage these demands.

  • Adjust wheel circumferences through the CR0452 display without a diagnostic case,
  • Engine control option - fixed or automotive-like,
  • Activate Speed Limit & Cruise Control,
  • Three different languages (English, German, French) supported.

Adjustable units:

  • Speed unit: Kilometers Per Hour (km/h), Miles Per Hour (mph), Meter Per Second (m/s), Feet Per Second (f/s),
  • Pressure : bar (bar), PSI (psi), kiloPascal (kPas),
  • Temperature : Degrees Celsius (°C), Degrees Fahrenheit (°F),
  • Power : kiloWatt (kW), Horse Power Metric (HP m), Horse Power Imperial (HP i).

Rest assured

The Poclain Hydraulics CR0452 ruggedized display is built for harsh environments. Voltage, anti-glare coated screen, ingress protection: all considerations are taken into account to ensure a robust solution.

  • Screen size: 4.3 inch - 96,8 x 55 mm [3.81 x 2.16 inch]
  • Screen resolution: 480 x 272 pixels
  • Screen type: 16:9 TFT color
  • DC power supply: 8V to 32V,
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +65°C [-4°F to +149°F]
  • Ingress protection: IP67
  • Connector: M12 (5 pins)


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