CR0451 Transmission (B57675P-B)

CR0451 Transmission
CR0451 display software which be able to manage hydraulic transmissions.

Technical Documentation
How to download software in a display ?
Characteristics CR0452 VS CR0451
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CR0451 Transmission
  • The CR0451 software is integrated to the POCLAIN HYDRAULICS SMARTDRIVE™ system.
  • Installed in the cab, connected to the CAN-bus, it allows to :

    • 1 - display main information from POCLAIN HYDRAULICS electro-hydraulic system :
      • Machine speed,
      • Engine speed,
      • Engaged hydraulic gear,
      • Hydraulic circuit temperature,
      • Parking brake status,
      • Speed Limit & Cruise Control status,
      • Difflock status,
      • Machine mode,
      • Pressure/Power,
      • Machine operationnal hours,
      • Error status,
      • etc...
    • 2 - set parameters without diagnostic case,
    • 3 - diagnose POCLAIN HYDRAULICS system.
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