Maintenance Tool (791002497)

Maintenance Tool
IFM Maintenance ToolⒸ is a Graphic User Interface which is running on Microsoft Windows operating system. It allows you to communicate with CR0451 & CR0452 display in order to download Poclain-Hydraulics IEC Application.
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How to download software in a display?


Don't used "Extended Functionalities" or "Recovery Commands" functions to do not delete the Poclain-Hydraulics display configuration. After that, the display will be not usable for Poclain-Hydraulics IEC Application.


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Maintenance Tool
  • The Maintenance ToolⒸ for CR0451/CR0452 is a component of the SMARTDRIVE™ hydrostatic transmission control system developed by POCLAIN HYDRAULICS.
  • Installed on a computer running a Windows OS and connected to a CR0451/CR0452 display via its USB/CAN-bus adapter, the Maintenance ToolⒸ software can be used to carry out downloading & maintenance operations.
  • In particular, it allows the user:
    • 1 - update embedded software in the CR0451/CR0452 display via download,

    • 2 - display information related to the display (Hardware vesion, Serial number, Software version, etc...),

    • 3 - diagnose possible malfunctions.

  • Maintenance ToolⒸ is the property of IFM Electronic gmbh company.
    CR0451 & CR0452 are the property of IFM Electronic gmbh company.
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